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Games Legacy
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Games Legacy
El shitposting máximo, un 4chan dentro de 3DJuegos - Mario Gómez

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Por SaturninoMinanda300
Hace 2 años / Respuestas: 2 / Lecturas: 157

Nintendero medio

"I was standing in the November cold outside of a local Target whose website had listed WiiUs as being “in stock.” Having worked in retail forso long, I knew that could be misleading – more likely than not, they’d mis-scanned the pre-orders they were still holding for customers (this was only two days post-launch) as general-stock. That turned out to be the case, incidentally… but it was still worth a shot.

After about 20 minutes of waiting, I was joined by another pair of early birds: a young mother and her two children. One was a boy of about six or eight, and the other was a toddler whose gender was undeterminable as he/ she was wrapped in a solid cocoon of winter-wear and cradled against their mom’s shoulder. I got the sense that we may have been there for the same thing – they likely picking up a pre-order, me hoping there was stock beyond the pre-orders – and I could tell this despite the fact that we only said “hello” to one another…

Not by some psychic intuition, I stress, but because the boy was makingit pretty clear: he was excitable to the point of bouncing, and his attire told the rest of the tale: Mario t-shirt, Mario baseball cap, Mario backpack, even Mario sneakers. The kid was a walking advertisement for NSMBWii-era Mario. I looked down at him, smiled, nodded. He looked up at me, realizing (before I did, honestly) that I also happened to be wearing a Mario shirt – one from my era (SMB2 character-select screen, to be precise) with a look of quizzical surprise: “this big older guy knows Mario, too?”

Yes I do, kid. Yes I do"
Amalthus7212Hace 2 años1
SaturninoMinanda300Hace 2 años2
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Iba a traducirlo pero me daba mucha pereza y el traductor de google es muy malo asi que a tomar por culo la bicicleta, lo dejo en inglés.
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